Artiste Feature - The Smarts & Quirks of Amelia Chong

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

(photo credit: Aaron Low)

Clearly, it is not easy to find an artiste like Amelia Chong in Singapore. You have probably caught her in shows, or attended her classes and we bet you are intrigued. So how much do you really know about her? Here's a little background (the way most Singaporeans would understand)...After her years at Victoria Junior College, Amelia went for a change in landscape heading over to New Zealand to complete her Bachelor of Dance Studies (Honours) at University of Auckland. Returning to Singapore in 2017, Amelia quickly gained steam in our local dance scene.

With a skyscraping build and a distinguishable aura, Amelia is one hell of an icon onstage. In fact, in her performance with TRDOco for APP [A Perfect Person], she blended into the power dynamics and chemistry of the company with great ease. But known to family, friends, and just about anyone who comes in contact with her, Amelia is really... still a girl. A little timid, hungry (literally and figuratively) with a heart for the very young and the very old, let's take peek at this beautiful weirdness called Amelia Chong as we hit her with 10 questions.

1. What was your first impression of the TRDOco dancers? (Be honest.) 



Strong and powerful dancers with amazing lines...

A little intimidating to be honest hahaha?

2. What is dance to you?  


A way of life. To me, dance is a combination of movements.  These are present all around us in our everyday life: our legs move when we walk from point A to point B, our arms when we put on clothes, our bodies move when the MRT jerks. All these movement could also be a form of dance; it’s all about our perception. To me, dance isn’t an elite skill that is learnt within the four walls of a studio. Rather, it is relevant and prevalent practice applied daily in our lives. 

3. Where would you say you are at now in your dance journey? 


Swinging on a pendulum; there isn’t really a start and end to this journey. I think I’m constantly learning, discovering and adapting to the different contexts and facets of my dance journey; be it in teaching, performing or choreography.