mini series

An initiative where TRDOco uses its voice in dance to explore and discuss everyday social topics, tickling you and I. TRDOco invites you to voice out your views, your objections, your agreements, your pains, your confusions and just about any response to the various episodes of Mini Series.

Episode 2: The “Show”?

You must have experienced quite a bit of it 2020 - working from home, having the liberty to hide beyond and behind the screen. Or have we always been showing different fronts all along? In this episode of Mini Series, we follow 2 dancers through their zoom rehearsal and their final run to see the mischief (or ugliness) that lies beyond the choreographer’s eyes. Is seeing really believing? And are we all guilty of putting up our best front?


An initiative by TRDOco to take dance out to places familiar to us, but unfamiliar to dance.
Hit us up to bring these engaging, light-hearted sparks of movement to your place and your people.

Episode 1: Emoji

In the first episode of Mini Series, let’s take a closer look at our emotions and the way we commonly express these days.

Of course, what easier way to communicate than to use emojis? Whether you are hopeful, upset, disappointed, elated, just send a face and we’ll get it...or do we?


Co-Lab is TRDOco's newest initiative aimed at multi-modal innovation and opening audience market.


TRDOco is looking for collaborators in different fields to work our innovate our next creative work. Whether you are a fashion label, a musician, a visual artiste, an advertising firm, a theatre company, a robotics specialist or an adventurous professional in any field looking for to do something fresh, it is time to buddy up with TRDOco.

Contact Jacq at jacq@trdoco.sg and get creating now!

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