TRDOco is an edgy, bold and quirky contemporary dance company that grew out of the initial inspiration of a platform named 'The Royal Dance-Off (TRDO)'. TRDO echoed people’s need to relate and branched out into various channels in answer to that. In 2015, TRDO became a Seed Grant recipient of the National Arts Council and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (UEN: 201524002E). 


Extending from that vision to make contemporary dance relevant, relatable and accessible to a broad base of audiences, TRDOco blossomed in its own right under the creative direction of Ryan Tan. With "Movement with a Statement" as its motto now, TRDOco strives to represent people, situations and perspectives with strong innovation and aesthetics. The company has a distinct style and personality that many would describe as current, humorous and dynamic. It is also clear that this homegrown company presents its local Singaporean heritage proudly and loudly. This appealed tremendously to its youth audiences without leaving demographic of audiences out.

Another factor that defines TRDOco is its easy interactive nature. TRDOco has put up 3 company works locally and abroad at the Esplanade Theatres On The Bay, Gateway Theatre, Damansara Performing Arts Centre - Cell12 (2017), We, The Singaporeans! (WTS!) (2018) and APP {A Perfect Person] (2019). The content presented during ACT always strives to give the audience an experience inspired by a social phenomenon of our times. Cell12 was caught by Grace Fu - Minister for Culture, Community and Youth whereas WTS! was graced by Singapore’s High Commissioner in KL - Vanu Gopal Menon when it was performed at Damansara Performing Arts Centre. Across the 3 company works (ACTs) and its site-specific initiative (#nowyouseeus), audience of various ages and backgrounds have been entertained by its message and its presentation. 



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TRDOco Singapore Contemporary Dance Company Director Ryan Tan



Ryan Tan is an active game changer, hailed as one of the local dance pioneers who revitalised the dance scene in Singapore. A visionary in the Singapore dance scene, Ryan has been involved in the field for over 20 years as a performer, choreographer and dance educator. In 2014, he founded The Royal Dance Off (TRDO), and spearheaded numerous programs and shows to make contemporary dance relevant to the public. Ryan defines the artistry of TRDOco with an air of professionalism and congeniality that makes Contemporary Dance inviting to varied audiences. Bold, humorous and dynamic, bis mark as an artistic director is clearly recognised yet ever-evolving in the staged productions of TRDO's “Cell12”, “WTS!” and "APP", as well as outdoor site-specific works in “#nowyouseeus”, thus governing and flourishing the vision of TRDOco.

As a choreographer, Ryan has been engaged to direct and choreograph for government commissioned events such as the SEA Games (2017), Chingay Parade (2017) and National Day Parade (2016, 2011, 2010), 28th & 27th S.E.A. Games Opening Ceremony (2015, 2013), National Arts Council’s inaugural Singapore Dance Day (2015), Merlion’s 40th Anniversary Celebration (2012), and the Youth Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony (2010). Ryan has also been invited for three consecutive years to choreograph for the prestigious ‘So You Think You Can Dance - Vietnam’ (2013, 2014, 2015). His eye for talent and dance quality landed him as a Resident Judge on the Mediacorp's reality dance show – “The Dance Floor Season 2” in 2016. Most recently, Ryan has been appointed as ‘Show Director’ for a new, upcoming theme park in Shenzhen, China.


As dance education and outreach have always been important to Ryan, this inspired the founding of Dance Capital - TRDOco's partner for classes and events; for which he envisions as as center for excellence in dance. 

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